How did we get this?

We really love music. And there was no way to track friends' updates in playlists. So we've created Doshka.

Where is AI here?

Machine learning system analyses updates from your friends and recommends what is your best playlist to add them.

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Also Doshka helps track all music and video releases of your favorite artists from any platforms.

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Love music

Our Services

Updates from friends

Doshka supports all popular music platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Deezer.

AI recommendations

Maching learning saves your time and recommends only track shich you will ike to.

Artists releases

Track all new tracks and videos from your favorite artists or recording labels.

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Updates from your favorite artists

You can add artists what you like and get updates from all music platforms.

Track analysis

Doshka's maching learning system analyses all tracks from all your sources.

Personal recommendations

Basing on music what you listen on music platforms Doshka recommends what will fit to your music taste.

Listen music on Doshka

Decide where to add a new track from feeds right on Doshka.

Updates from your friends

Add playlists of your friends, get updates from all platforms and ML will help you to figure out what music works for you.

Updates from all platforms

Doshka supports all popular music platforms


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