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Doshka is the best place to follow friends and favorite artists on popular music platforms.

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Follow your friends

Start following what your friends add to their playlists and discover new music together with them! Doshka supports all popular music streaming services:

  • Youtube
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • Deezer
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Follow your favorite artists

Choose your favorite artists and receive a personalized feed of music updates from all music platforms. Never miss a new album, single or video.

Get personal ML recommendations

With every new track in playlists of your friends Doshka’s Machine Learning subsystem analyses it and recommends to what your playlists you can add it. Discover new music together with your friends.

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Great features

Get awesome music experience with Doshka’s features.

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Weekly music digests
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Our story

We love our friends, and we love music. We have dozens of friends on all continents, and we also have dozens of playlists on all popular music platforms. First, we send to each other links to favorite tracks. Then we shared links to our playlists. But all in all, we found that there were no simple solutions to get figure out what your friends listen and how it matches to your music taste.

And then one day we decided to create Doshka — the service which helps people to follow friends music tastes and discover new music from it.

Doshka’s team